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10 Signs Your Website is Failing

You’re hustling along to your business meeting, trying to figure out what floor you have to go to, as you dash into the lobby of your client’s building. That’s okay, you think, you can ask at the security desk.

What you hear, as you walk up to it, takes you by surprise. Was that a snore?

A big loud snort confirms it for you.

Warily, you peak over the counter. One of the security guards is kicked back, with his size 13’s up on the desk. His chair is tilted so far back, you wonder how it hasn’t collapsed yet. This silver fox looks more like a helium balloon version of the sleek animal, and he seems to have mastered the art of falling into a pile of uniforms on the floor, and coming up dressed.

The other guard is his complete opposite, in every single way. As she stands to greet you, she flashes a bright friendly smile, and you know just by looking at her she can handle herself. She knows exactly where you have to go, and gives you simple and clear directions.

Now ask yourself…which of these security guards is most like your small business website?

The experience your client has on your website has a huge impact on your business. No different than this scenario here. You want to make sure your website is working hard for you. Just in case you aren’t really sure, here are 10 signs your website for your small business is failing.

  1. Even you think your competitors’ site are better than yours.
  2. It’s not generating leads for you.
  3. You’re losing audience.
  4. Your business isn’t found on a search inquiry.
  5. It’s not helping you achieve your business goals.
  6. Your website is all about you, instead of all about your client.
  7. You can’t update your content on your own.
  8. Your load time is really long.
  9. The user experience is lacking.
  10. Your site isn’t responsive or mobile friendly

If any of these sound like your website, it’s time to fire that security guard and get your business moving in the right direction. Small business websites are our specialty.We’d love to chat with you. Just click here to drop us a line.

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