we are brand logic.

We hated hearing about business owners who spent tons of money on their small business websites and ended up with a site that didn’t work for them.

We’ve been in that place – when your budget only goes so far, and you really want to grow, but you don’t get what you need to do it. Quite frankly, it sucks.

When we’d explore further, and ask about the process the small business owner went through in designing their website, we’d all too often hear that the company who created the web design, didn’t bother to work on branding strategy or SEO. Not even keywords.

We’d visit the website and see that the copy wasn’t clear, or that it took so long to figure out what they were selling that any customer would be bouncing off the site in frustration long before they could figure it out for themselves.

And the business owners even found their sites frustrating. They’d spend hours trying to figure out how to use the back end of the site, because it was so clunky and difficult. Even uploading a simple blog post was extremely time consuming. Losing time is something we small business owners just can’t afford to do!

When we dug deeper into the design and coding, we see that these small business websites weren’t optimized properly, and in many cases ended up on a search engine blacklist because of poor SEO practices.

Time, money, and customers were lost like sand flowing through a sieve.
Each time, we’d look at each other and say, “We could do so much better!” Until finally we decided enough is enough, and started brand logic.

We originally thought about going directly to business owners ourselves, and then quickly realized that if we wanted to make a BIG change quickly that the best way to do it would be to empower business owners, like you, to help other small business owners in their area, become more successful with great websites. And that is how the brand logic white label plan came to fruition.

It’s a simple concepts that works! 

Now small business owners can come to you and make a logical choice to get what they need. Small business websites that actually work for their businesses, so they don’t have to work so hard to get new customers.

Your clients get: Beautiful Websites. Better Leads. Bigger Potential. 

We invite you to contact us to learn more about expanding your business.

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The team at Brandlogic Marketing was great to work with! I had a strategic vision for my new website and they helped me fill in details, make good decisions to create a great visitor experience, and achieve my objectives for list building, online engagement, and my overall structure. The team was friendly, easy to work with, helped me meet deadlines, and produce a site I really love the look of and am happy to show to clients, prospects, and friends—anyone who wants to be a better business communicator and get their customers to ❤️ them more!Bryan Rutberg, 3C Communications
We are delighted with our fresh, new website! It was an easy and fun process working with them to determine what we wanted and they were successful in capturing our thoughts and ideas. We were impressed with their prompt follow up as well as their always professional and friendly ways. We would highly recommend them!!Susan Kandalaft, President, Executive Solutions Ltd.
They did a wonderful job for us and we’d recommend them to others as well. Thank you!Karen Cornell, Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene
They did a great job setting up our new brand right from our logo through to our messaging and all collateral. Thanks for such a great job!Daren Hill, ERASOFT
I think the results speak for themselves- We love and definitely recommend them!Sylvia Groves, Governance Studio