Even More Lead Generation Ideas

There are so many ways you can generate leads for your business! That’s great news, because it gives you so much flexibility, and lets you play into your own strengths. All you have to do is choose the options that suit you and your business best. You already have white papers and case studies [LINK TO PROSPECTIVE BLOGS] in your arsenal. We want to give you even more lead generation ideas with these assets you can create:

Expert Guides - These are a great way to help your potential client navigate their way through some tough territory. Create a step-by-step plan for them in your area of expertise. Even though you are showing them how to do something, it doesn’t mean everyone will want to do it for themselves. There are those who are going to take a look at it, and just decide to hire you on the spot, because it’s easier. Plus if you use the guide as a lead magnet, you’ll get those DIYer’s emails and get them into your sales funnel, where they can get more valuable information, and you can nurture your relationship with them.

Tools - We all want the easy way out. The diet pill, the one click button that fixes everything…you know what we’re talking about. Creating a list of tools, or a toolkit for your clients, is a great way to help them find an effective solution quickly, and build their trust in you.

Checklists - Don’t you just hate getting home from the grocery store and realizing you forgot the one thing that you really needed? That’s why checklists are so great - at the grocery store and for business. Your clients will appreciate them too!

Cheat Sheets - Nothing is better than a quick reference sheet to refer to when you’re learning something new, or doing something you don’t do often. Whether it’s a list of shortcuts, or a numbered step-by-step guide, your clients will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Videos - Videos are a great way to communicate just about EVERYTHING! The visual and auditory content make it a superior way to teach, and pass on, your ideas. Whether it’s you on screen, or a screen capture to guide your clients, it’s the perfect way to get new leads, and set yourself up as a real expert in your field.

Ebooks - Ebooks are fantastic lead magnets! It’s a great way for your clients to get more information on the topic they’re researching. Having a little banner ad on your blog lets you capture those emails, and gets your ebook out there. If you’re not sure where to start...write down the 10 questions you get asked the most, and there’s 10 chapters for you to write in your ebook!!

Webinars - Like videos they are perfect for training! You can do them live, so you can interact with your audience, or you can tape them and create a “live feeling” if you don’t actually want to go live. Live or not, be sure to save the recording, because you can use it over and over again.

Reports - These are a fantastic way to give in-depth information, and relay any original research and results you’ve personally found, produced, or discovered. Include facts, statistics, quotes, and visual aids to get your points across.

You can also opt to use lead magnets like coupons, complimentary consults, or reviews to generate leads as well. It’s all about what your client will find valuable.

Share your assets across all your social media platforms and get the word out. Be consistent, and you will see steady gains for your efforts.

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