How 32 Hours of Management Made $6000

Tammy Plunkett Launched Big Sky Author Services at the beginning of 2017. It had been a longtime dream to help other business owners write and publish their own books, and Tammy was ecstatic to finally make it a reality. From the initial concept of the book, right to the final product, she walks people through each step of the process.

She also knew that in order for authors to launch a truly successful career,  a contemporary, relevant and well-optimized website had to be part of it. She originally thought that this part of the business was going to have wait until stage two of the business plan, because she simply didn’t have the skills or desire to build websites on her own, the budget to hire an employee to do it, or the knowledge base to hire a skilled contractor. Then she found out about the white label possibility.

“It was the perfect solution. I get technical expertise, marketing prowess, and excellent customer service. They make me look good and my clients look even better.”

Tammy took advantage of the full range of services in the brand logic marketing white label program, because she wanted to have the knowledge to answer any questions her clients might have. That included on-boarding training, what she needed to know to sell a website to a client, and sales assistance in person, or via video, to help close a sale with a client. As her knowledge base grew, she needed less help from the white label team to help close her sales. She continues to take part in the on-going training to improve her personal knowledge base.

“I like that the team makes it so easy. I meet with my clients, help them pick out the website design, and help them select the pictures. brand logic can write the copy for me, but I like to do that myself, since it’s my area of expertise. Usually, it’s only about 8 hours of management maximum for each project, and that includes my initial meetings with my client. In just the first quarter of launching my business, I made $6000 from the whitelabel program and worked maybe 32 hours to do it.”

White labeling offers start ups, and more established business, an easy  way to offer an entirely new stream of income, with very little work involved. brand logic marketing offers a team of experienced professionals who will walk you through the process every step of the way, essentially expanding your production team. You choose the level of relationship you want your client to have with the team. That can mean having someone sit in your sales meetings, or never having anyone on the production team even see or talk to your client. You even set your own pricing. The control is all yours.

The websites that brand logic produces are built from 12 custom-made designs that are extremely user friendly, in order to increase conversion rates. Each of these templates come fully optimized on each page, in order to give the client the best ranking possible. brand logic even assists in selecting the most competitive keywords to give clients the best edge for organic searches online.

“I’m so happy that I made the choice to go with the white label program. I can’t wait to see where it takes me from here.”

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