How to Present Your Content to Make the Sale

Generating more sales is what we all want as business owners. Finding clear and easy ways to do that is a truly wonderful thing, which is why we are excited to show you how to present your content to make the sale. The simple technique we’re highlighting will bring real clarity to your sales process, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to your client in person, or online. It’s effective in either circumstance.

The PAS Technique uses a three-step process.

The first step is to present the PROBLEM. This is where you shine a spotlight on the issue they’re having. Presenting the problem makes them aware they have a problem, which is the first stage in the buying cycle.


Next, you AGITATE the problem. Here you focus on the pain that’s affecting their life, or business, and how bad it feels to be in this state of need.

Finally, you offer the SOLUTION. This is the thing that you can give to them to make their life better, because it perfectly solves their specific problem, and ends the aggravation it brings.

Here’s an example to help you see the method in action.

Are you tired of having bad hair days? (PROBLEM)

There’s those flyaway hairs that always get in your face. Ugh! And those knots that never seem to come out. It seems like the only style you can manage to do well is bed head. It makes getting ready every morning a real chore. (AGITATE)

Make bad hair days a thing of the past with the Wonder Brush! (SOLUTION) It slides through your hair with ease, removing knots, and taming those flyaways. You get sleek, silky, gorgeous hair, in a snap! With the Wonder Brush you’ll look forward to starting every day!

It does sound like an infomercial, but it’s the easiest way to show the PAS Technique in action. (There is a reason that infomercials work!) You would, of course, finesse your copy to make sure it sounds like your specific brand voice.

When you’re talking with someone, or writing a blog, you definitely don’t want to sound like an infomercial. This is where well placed questions, and examples, will work best.

The effectiveness of the PAS Technique comes in reminding the person how awful it feels to be in a bad position. You want to get them really thinking about how annoying it is, and how it makes their life so difficult.

Why focus on the negative feeling so much?

Because we, as humans, are more likely to move away from something that causes discomfort, than to move toward something that brings us gain. It’s called the negativity bias.

We’re actually hardwired to focus on the negative, because that’s what keeps us safe. If your ancestors weren’t looking for dangers walking around in the jungle, they would have gotten eaten by the tiger, and you wouldn’t be here.

So, by getting your prospective client to focus on how bad it feels to be where they are with their problem, they’re going to be more receptive the solution you provide, and the relief you can bring them. And that will make the sale a lot easier for you to close.

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