Why do people want a new website anyway?

One of the first things you need to know before you can sell a website to any client (or anything, for that matter), is why they would want or need one in the first place. This will help you understand their specific pain points and adjust how you can speak to them, so you can offer them the solution they really need.

Having a conversation with someone starting a brand new business is completely different than talking to someone who’s current site isn’t generating leads.

The more clarity you have around their reasons for buying, the easier it will be to have a more meaningful conversation with them. That’s exactly why we’ve outlined 25 reasons people would want a new website.

  1. They are starting a new business.
  2. Their current site is not generating leads.
  3. They need to re-brand.
  4. The conversion rate on their current site is poor.
  5. Their current site is out of date.
  6. They are expanding their product line.
  7. They want a blog.
  8. The user experience on their current site is lacking.
  9. Their site is not responsive or mobile friendly.
  10. Their site is more about themselves rather than their customers’ needs.
  11. They hate their current site.
  12. The content on their current site isn’t good.
  13. Their site does not promote sales.
  14. Their business isn’t easily found by search engines.
  15. They’ve changed their target audience.
  16. Their marketing isn’t working.
  17. Their website is not helping them to achieve their business goals.
  18. The load time on their current site is really long.
  19. They can’t update their content on their own.
  20. They want new features and functions for their website.
  21. They want to improve their customer service.
  22. They want to create a better portfolio of their business.
  23. They want to add an e-store.
  24. They are losing audience on their current site.
  25. They think their competitor’s site is better than theirs.

Add any other reasons you can think of as well.

Now you can take each of those reasons and think of questions to ask to get more information, so you can better help them. For example, if they need a rebrand it would be good to ask the following questions:

What is it you don’t like about your current brand?

What parts still reflect your business?

What brands do you really like?

What makes those brands great in your mind?

What do you envision for your new brand?

And of course, think of complimentary products you can offer your client to add value to their business, and their experience with you.

This is a great exercise to do for all the products you offer in your business. It will give you a lot a clarity, and help you pinpoint exactly how you can give your client real value when they work with you.

Clarity and value, what’s not to love?

If you’re struggling with this, and we know it’s not always easy, then let us give you a hand. Contact us for a FREE consult. No strings attached. Our goal is to help businesses get better and be more profitable. We want you to be one of them.


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